Non Fiction/Digital Media Showcase!

Balbinka Korzeniowska: Awaken

Format and TRT: 30 minute installation and a screening which will be at a different time still TBD

Log line: An artist creates a series of works - a sketch, a painting and a steel sculpture - which all depict a mythical woman with bird's wings. The artist's muse appears within the metal sculpture as a hawk lands on her wing and awakens her. Together, they escape the sculpture and she is free.

Artist: Tadeusz Torzecki

Director of Photography: Paul Cannon

Installation Design: Matt Johns

Original Score by Martin Tillman

Dates/times of installation: June 6th @ 6:15pm and an evening reception at 10:15pm before an additional show at 10:45pm.

Zoe Sandoval: Living Geometry

Format: Mixed Media/Projection Installation

Log line: Living Geometry allows people to interact with a mathematical, metaphysical tree of life that holds a collective history of the known universe. Within its branches lies a database of archival footage that exists in a balance between what has already been laid out (fate) and what can change through participant interaction (free will).

Advisors: Fabian Wagmister, Jeff Burke, David Beaudry and Peter Sistrom

Special Thanks: Matthew Johns, Jackie Watson, Mimi Phan, Balbinka Korzeniowska, Cole Dalton Baker and Tyler Schwartz (and of course my parents for being such beautiful and encouraging creatures).

Cole Baker: aboutface

Format: Web based installation

Log line: aboutface uses information and photographs generated by users to give a subjective identity to the city of Los Angeles than can be examined and changed by the viewers of the site.

Frontend/Project Lead: Cole Baker

Backend: Zhehao Wang

Technical Advisors: Jeff Burke, Bruce Hyslop, Wilm Thoben

Special Thanks: Fabian Wagmister, Zoe Sandoval, Jackie Watson, Tyler Schwartz, Alex Horn

Jackie Watson: Manchester Square

Format: Online, interactive documentary

Log line: Following the parallel stories of the expansion of LAX and also the consequential removal of nearby neighborhoods, Manchester Square is one current neighborhood that maintains a sense of community, despite its slow evaporation.

Jackie Watson: Director, Editor, Web Designer, Producer

Vincent Vole: Assistant Editor

Taylor Tang/Gabriela Avendano/MJ De Silva, David Gomez: Photogaphy

Robert Nguyen-Web Developer

Chloe Booher-Graphic Designer/Animator

Raza Razvi: Director of Photography

Tyler Schwartz: Making Maestro

Format: documentary/webpage/installation

Log line:''The joke has it: remembering you set out to drain the swamp is hard when you're up to your ass in alligators.'' -- David Mamet, Three Uses of the Knife

Making Maestro is a website-based documentary about the middle part of every coming of age story – that two minute montage sequence which quickly and painlessly shows the hero gaining all of their skills. The site makes use of interactive elements to allow users to navigate over forty hours of footage of artist Tyler Schwartz slowly and painfully learning to play the violin from scratch. The piece playfully examines the time needed to gain a skill, while also showcasing the heart, dedication and will-power we all have within us to get there.

As a companion to the website, the installation features several short, live performances on violin by the artist.

Key Crew: Benjamin Dunst, Billimarie Robinson

Special Thanks: Alex Horn, Jeff Burke, Thomas Burns, Fabian Wagmiester, Eva Schwartz, Hal Schwartz

Performance times: june 5th-8th 5:00pm-12:00am every hour on the hour.